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Our Story

In 2014, our sister portfolio, Lendini, embarked on a journey of providing financing solutions to businesses. As Lendini began financing, our founders and experienced finance experts quickly identified a growing need in the market. They recognized that there was a segment of applicants who could benefit from a new portfolio specifically tailored to their unique financing requirements. This realization laid the foundation for the inception of Quick Fix Capital.

Since 2015, Quick Fix Capital has been a leading provider of revenue-based financing, a flexible model that allows businesses to obtain capital based on the estimated projection of future receipts. With our deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in obtaining traditional financing, we have created a unique approach that empowers business owners with the capital they need to thrive. We are passionate about the success and growth of each business. Our founders and team of experts used their wide breadth of experience in various financial sectors to build a reliable product and reputation for delivering convenient financing solutions to our clients.

For nearly a decade, we have made it our mission to provide financing solutions to business owners finding it difficult to obtain traditional loans or credit. Not all businesses fit the mold sought by conventional financial institutions. Instead of relying solely on credit scores or collateral, we evaluate the potential of a business and its ability to generate revenue.

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If you are in need of business financing, call or apply today to find out if you qualify.

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Your Business

Every business has a story with hopes and dreams for growth. From planning and layouts, to hiring employees and the excitement of opening the doors for the first time. As the business begins its operations, each season and year brings with it new milestones and possibilities. The journey is marked by various key moments and experiences for growth and expansion, hiring, navigating challenges, and innovation.

At Quick Fix Capital, we understand and appreciate the unique narratives that businesses weave. We are here to support you on your journey, providing financial solutions that help fuel growth, overcome challenges, and bring your business's dreams closer to reality.

As you navigate the seasons and years ahead, we stand ready to be a trusted partner, offering financing options tailored to your evolving needs. Together, let's continue writing the chapters of your business story and achieve the growth and success you envision.

A Trusted

Financing Solution

Revenue-based financing is a form of financing that allows businesses to receive capital in exchange for a percentage of their estimated future revenue. This option can be beneficial for businesses that have difficulty obtaining traditional loans or credit.

Unlike traditional loans that rely heavily on credit scores, collateral, or fixed monthly payments, revenue-based financing focuses on the potential of your business to generate revenue. Instead of requiring a specific repayment amount each month, the remittance structure is directly tied to an estimated percentage of your future receipts. This means that as your business earns, a predetermined estimated percentage is used to satisfy the financing.

Additionally, the documentation requirements are often less burdensome, and typically faster. This enables you to access funds quickly, allowing you to seize growth opportunities or address immediate financial needs.

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